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Lead Educational Team Member
Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
escribed as a true artist with the passion that could fill 10,000 rooms, Brock grew up with a strong background in music and fashion so it's no wonder he found himself in the wonderful world of hairdressing. Given the opportunity to join the ERGO Styling Tools Artistic Team while he was still in beauty school, Brock had the opportunity to train with some of the worlds best hairdressers. This bright young man has travelled the hair show circuit doing platform work, presented in-salon educational programs throughout America and is now contributing his own insights into the curriculums for ERGO. 
Versatile in both mens and womens hairdressing, Brock is passionate about everything from day to day in-salon work to avant-garde wig making. But most of all, he loves sharing new information and techniques which will become evident from the first time you meet him.