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Anti-diversion statement

Diversion is a constant problem in the beauty industry. We all know that diversion has the potential to ill serve the consumer, destroy brands and each diverted product also undermines the value of the professional hair stylist.   

Our commitment to salons is strong. We do not, have not, and will not sell to unauthorized retail chains. ERGO Styling Tools does not allow its products to be sold outside of its authorized distribution channels and takes action when it discovers these sales have occurred. If you find product in one of these locations, it might have been previously used or not authentic.   

Lastly, ERGO does not offer its warranty on any product purchased anywhere other than an authorized salon, advanced academy or authorized website.   

“At ERGO Styling Tools, we believe something magical happens when a stylist teaches their customer how to recreate their style at home with their brush or other styling tool. You can’t receive that through shopping online or at a beauty supply store. For that reason, ERGO Styling Tools are only available through finer salons and advanced cosmetology schools.”  

Robert Reed, Founder & Owner of ERGO Styling Tools  

If you have questions or would like to report diversion, please write to me directly at robert@askergo.com.